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Treatment For Condensate Line

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Our experience in the water treatment and utilities combined with the wide range of technologies and special pieces of equipment available in-house give us a full coverage of the different needs connected to condensate treatment and recovery.

Suspect Oily Condensate Treatment

Return steam condensate from heaters may be accidentally contaminated with oil, due to spillage in heat exchanger equipment. In fact, a damage within a shell and tube exchanger or the failure of a steam coil in a tank may cause a sudden release of HC within the steam circuit. The treatment of such possibly contaminated condensate stream prior to feed it back to the boiler has to ensure an efficient and reliable oil removal, even at rather high condensate temperature. Our unique Double Step Resin Coalescer is an equipment specifically intended for this purposae. Maxon applied this product in Oil Refineries, Power Stations, Petrochemical Plants. Sometime combined with Activated Carbon Filters, Maxon Resin Coalescers are the most appropriate technology for this type of condensate.

Condensate Chemical Conditioning

Maxon experience in design and assemble process package applies to the chemical injection units as well. The selection of high quality equipment and components (dosing pumps, valves, instruments) as well as the shop fabrication and assembly by our specialists ensure the most accurate result.

Condensate Polishing Units (CPU)

The removal of hardness, silica from the return process, steam condensate prior to feed back to the boilers is a standard requirement in boiler circuits. The most common and well known technology it the ion exchange on resin mixed bed polishers.
Maxon experience in this field is outstanding, with a reference list including capacity of more than a thousend cubic meters per hour in a single unit and credits from the major international players in Oil and Gas.
The know how to optimise the process design as well as unit sizing, the engineering capability for the implementation of an efficient regeneration systems which optimise chemical consumption, the knowledge required at site for commissioning, start-up, troubleshooting. All this is the result of years of experience and lessons learned and is the package we offer to each customer.