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Cooling Water Treatment Products

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Cooling Water Treatment Products


Designed for open recirculation systems and services both as a scale and corrosion inhibitor. It is composed of dispersants, polymers, and corrosion inhibitors which provides an extremely powerful corrosion and scale inhibiting effect.



Multi-component blend of natural and synthetic organic corrosion inhibitors plus specific anti foulants. It is used for the control of corrosion and fouling in open re-circulating cooling water systems over a wide pH range.



Concentrated blend of sequestering and dispersing agents for the removal of scale deposits, iron oxide and other metallic oxides in colling water system. It is particularly suitable for systems where iron and other metallic oxides orginating from corrosion of cooling systems poses a problem in maintaining a clean tower.


Superior, non-volatile liquid and scale inhibitor developed for open circuit evaporative cooling systems and air-conditioning plant operating under hard water conditions. It is designed for use in conjunction with biocides tratments, used for control of bacteria of the type considered to be a possible source of leqionella bacteria and legionnaires disease scale and corrosion inhibitor for hard water.



Zinc-chromate formulation containing sequestering agents and inhibitors to assure a high corrosion inhibition against all the materials normally found in cooling water systems. It is especially effective in preventing bimetallic corrosion. This formulation will also sequester the scale forming compound present in the initial amount of water added to system.



Liquid product to reduce pH of condensate water used in cooling tower and evaporative condenser system for controlling the alkalinity of the water. Treatment is indicated by analysis of makeup and circulating water. The dosage rate is determined from his capacity of the system being treated and the concentration of chemical constituents in the water.


Effectively inhibited dry and liquid blend with corrosion inhibitors and wetting agents designed for cleaning galvanized heat transfer surfaces in cooling towers. it can be used to clean a cooling water systems while in operation. Incorporates patented inhibition technology, for high degree of electrolytically restrained action to the attack by acid on base steel, while ensuring high efficiency descaling.


Designed for pre-commision cleaning of non-portable water systems it contains chians, sequestrate, dispersants, surfactant and corrosion inhibitors to clean and passivate cooling towers before start-up.