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Descaling and Cleaning Products

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Descaling and Cleaning Products


Effectively inhibited blend with corrosion inhibitors and wetting agents designed for clenaing typical heat transfer surfaces in cooling towers and boilers, easily removes deposits of calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, and / or iron oxides without attacking the underlying metal surfaces. It convert these deposits into water soluble salts, iron oxide deposits.


Specially formulated to remove scale from those hard to get tubes in boilers, steam lines, condenser tubes, re-circulating systems such as hot water systems and chillers, cooling towers, vessels and pipe lines. Used as industrial descalent. It is used for hard water lime scale ( calcium carbonate ) and all type of water scale despositions.


A highly active cleaner and escaler bas4d upon acidic proprites inhibitor. Also includes a corrosion inhibitor to protect carbon steel, copper and brass against acid attack. Can be used on a wide variety of metals including stainless steel.


Effectively inhibited dry acid blend with corrosion inhibitors and wetting agents designed for cleaning galvanized heat transfer surfaces in cooling towers, can be used to clean a cooling and heating water systems incorporates patended inhibition technology.


Liquid degreasing and detergent, soluble in water, incorporating a blend of suitable contents, non-corrosive to ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Extra care should be given when cleaning aluminium and its alloys. Removes greasy and oil bound deposits from all surfaces and it is applied to condensers, oil coolers, engines and compressor water jacket, air coolers, engine parts lubricating the oil systems.


Multi-purpose, Hi-Cleaning, dispersing agent. It is suitable for the cleaning of evaporator, air coolers, condensers, HVAC’s and other scaling surfaces. Used as industrial cleaner and dispersant designed for use in closed loop hot and chilled water systems for the removal of mud, solids, slits, and oxides takes the stickness out of mud and sediments, aluminium and its alloys under many water quality conditions preventing suspended solid from adhering to heat exchange surfaces.


Product will remove various organic contaminants from all equipment, especially oily surfaces and oil and grease scales. Will not cause caustic embitterment, and it contains ingredients to help in passive of steel surfaces to prevent corrosion during boil-out.


Effective cleaning solvent for removing oil, grease, wax and similar soil from metal surfaces. A blend of alphaaolefins and surfucants. It can be used as general airfame maintenace cleaner and especially effective as a corrosion inhibiting compound.


Used to remove the passivate flash rust and mill scale from carbon steel surfaces after acid washing or high pressure water jetting.


Designed for pre-commission cleaning of non-portable water systems it contain chilants, sequesterarts, disspersants, surfactants and sorrosion inhibitors to clean and apssive cooling towers, pipe lines, and other water recirculating systems before start-up.