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Biocides Products

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Biocides Products

1000 - SS

Specially formulated blend of polymeric dispersing agents and anti-foams scale inhibitor designed primarily for steams boiler to prevent build-up of deposit of hardness or of iron and other metallic oxides, originating.


Recommend Treatment for Sugar Industries, Main properties are pH booster, Scale preventive, Oxygen Scavenger, Sludge COnditioner, Anti-Foam and Sugar Traces Remover and metal oxide despersing.


Single formulated product (powder and liquid form) phosphate sulphite based compound with scale inhibitor, oxygen scavengers and corrosion inhibitor. This product works well in all applications and is recommended for, medium and low pressure industrial steam boilers.


Complex-800 is a non-toxic blend of special mineral alkaline, all organic salts, designed for use in system containing water of low pH with low, medium and high hardness, it is recommended for food processing facilities.


Concentrated blend of sequestering and dispersing agents for the removal of scale deposits, iron oxide and other metallic oxides in boiler water system. Eliminates the hazards associated with acid cleaning. It aslo saves downtime.


Antifoam suitable for steam boilers to preventing foaming carryover of the boiler water into the steam.


Excellent, concentrated alkaline based product for use as a pH adjuster in boiler water treatment, to give sufficient pH and total alkalinity with in the boiler system. The actual dosage rate depend on, on-site condition and the system being treated.


It is a unique product that decompose soot from the smoke to prevent flow of suspended paricles to atmosphere through chimney. It is also prevent carbon deposits on wall and tubes. It is free flowing, non-stickey and non-hazardous.