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Treatment For Boiler

Advance co-polymers technology

MAXON’s range of boiler water treatment chemicals are custom-designed, and suitable for all types of water quality and all type of boilers. There are Combinations of polymers and organic, in-orgnic chemical treatment programs. the range includes oxygen scavengers, scale, deposit and corrosion inhibitors sludge conditioners, antifoaming agents, alkalinity controllers, and also an all-organic single product boiler water treatment chemical.

 Advanced co-polymers

  • Polymer/Phosphate blends
  • 100% polymer blends
  • Complex phosphates
  • Polymer / phosphonates
  • Dry and liquid formulas
  • Food approved blends
  • Kosher approved blends
  • On / off line descalers

MAXON’s proficient range of highly effective boiler water treatment chemicals have been developed to deal problems associated with water treatment, such as scale, corrosion; silica dispersants, sludge conditioners and dispersants.

Our products control the deposits that lead to energy loss and failure in both low and high pressure boilers. Oxygen scavengers and metal passivators protect against oxygen corrosion in pre-boiler, and post boiler systems. They are also used for all boiler pressures ranging low, medium and high capacity.

Products Composition

  • Polyphosphate based scale inhibitors
  • Polyamine based scale and corrosion inhibitors
  • Polyacrylate, polymethacrylate, polysulphonate
  • Polycarboxylic acid based sludge conditioners and dispersants
  • Polymaleic acid based silica dispersants
  • Catalysed hydrazine hydrate polymer based oxygen scavanger
  • Polysulphonate (DAC) sulphite based oxygen scavenger
  • Polymer based inorganic pH boosters
  • Morpholine, Potassium based organic pH boosters
  • Cyclohexylamine, octadecylamine, morpholene condensate treatment chemicals.


  • Scale and corrosion inhibitor
  • sludge conditioners
  • oxygen scavengers
  • pH boosters
  • condensate treatment chemicals
  • silica dispersants
  • general dispersants
  • carbonate treatment chemicals
  • phosphate treatment chemicals
  • new boiler preservative
  • passivating chemicals


Take your fuel cost to run a new boiler and then allow boiler scale to accumulate to a thickness of a mere 1/10th of an inch (about the thickness of an American 5 cent piece) through improper water treatment and your will have bumped up your fuel costs by a whopping 20% add the costs of repair and downtime in the heavily scaled boilers (1/4th inch of scale or more) and you are risking substantial cash losses.

 Scale in boiler, which increase the fuel cost

Scale thickness (inches)











% increase in fuel consumption











When boiler is run without proper water treatment, there is loss of plant life and increased fuel cost. If it is run with this condition for long time (for 3-6 month) you will find your boiler fuel cost is increased and your boiler is shut down for long maintenance required, in maintenance, descaling of boiler, changing of tubes, leakages of tubes and many other things, which waste your time and money.


Wrong selection of boiler water treatment chemicals are useless rather it can be harmful for the boiler system and can cause above mentioned direct 1 indirect losses to your costly boiler. Local and sub-standard chemicals manufactures and suppliers, mostly treat the boilers with acid, caustic and other sub-standard chemicals. These chemicals can prove very harmful for your costly systems.

 Lower fuel & maintenance costs

By proper water treatment, there is saving of fuel cost and maintenance. Because when you use excellent quality of chemicals for boiler water, there is no scaling in boiler and heat transfer surfaces are clean so there is saving of fuel cost and maintenance. There is no labor required to clean the heat transfer surfaces so it saves time. This is possible only, when you use high quality of chemicals. We provide warranty that when you use our (Maxon) chemicals. you will get lower fuel and maintenance cost.


Single Dose Chemicals

All the property of single dosing chemicals, it prevents corrosion due to oxygen and acidic gases in the feed water also prevents scale and its dosing is simple as only one chemical is to be used.

Prevent oxygen pitting oxygen scavenger

Removes the oxygen from the feed water by chemical action hence control the corrosion due to oxygen.

Scale and corrosion inhibitor

Blend of chemicals which prevents the corrosion and scale in the boiler tube therefore, protects against acidic corrosion to reduce coil/ tube failure and unscheduled shutdown. also improves heat transfer. Thus boiler remains clean for long time and at peak heat transfer efficiency thereby reducing energy losses and fuel consumption.

 Descaling of boilers

MAXON provides specialized services to chemically remove unwanted deposits from boilers, MAXON performs all types of descaling, cleaning, applications with careful selection of metal friendly products to help increase efficiency and extend system life, reducing your operating costs and saving your equipment. Exercising all this MAXON has gained considerable expertise in its specific field

 Filming amine

Used as filming amine, it prevents corrosion, scale and is used under specific conditions & requirements.

 Chemicals for steam I Condensate system

Our products are specifically formulated to protect against carbonic acid and oxygen attack, which causes corrosion in steam line systems. These treatments prevent the loss of valuable condensate and migration of metal ions into the boiler.

 Water parameters testing

This will be done by water testing kits specially designed to meet the operational demands of industrial sector requiring quick and dependable on-the-spot analysis of water sample i.e pH, alkalinity, hardness, chloride, sulphite, phosphate, iron nitrite,residual chlorine, fluoride, silica, conductivity etc.

Boiler fuel treatment

Reduce deposition or sludging and improve combustion. they help protect equipment from failure due to corrosion, increase fuel efficiency and minimize maintenance cost. Fuel treatment chemicals may also help you meet importance of environmental regulations. The choice of which chemical to use depends on the type of fuel and the goals of the treatment.

All our quality products and services are approved & certified by


Specialized Hi- performance, Single property various treatment as phosphates, polymers, phosphonates based advanced formulated Boilers water treatment chemicals compounds for all type of industrial steam Boilers..

Preventing Scale and hardness salts

Hardness salts are the cause of scale inside a boiler; if they are not prevented or removed regularly they will cause localised overheating. This can lead to tube failure (explosion risk) and/or a reduction in the heat transfer properties of the transfer surfaces. This in turn leads to reduced efficiency and increased energy costs.

Hardness salts can either be removed before they enter the boiler system, using a water softener, reverse osmosis plant or de-alkalisation unit, or they can be treated inside the boiler itself.

Boiler treatment chemicals

Maxon have a number of highly effective, technically advanced chemicals for the treatment of boiler water. They include antiscalant formulations developed specifically for the treatment of boiler water, and corrosion inhibitors which help to prevent corrosion issues.

Multi-Component single formulation for complete Boiler Water Treatment.
Alkalinity Builders 
Oxygen Scavengers
Organic Volatile Oxygen Scavengers
Neutralizing Amines
Food Grad treatment
Scale Inhibitors
Corrosion Inhibitors
Sludge Conditioner
Iron Dispersant
Steam Condensate System Corrosion
Preventing Additives