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Descaling and Cleaning Services

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Descaling and Cleaning

MAXON’S has a variety of advanced technology cleaning / descaling products. These are metal friendly for all types of metals, scales , rust and other unwanted solid deposits.

Complete Solution for Industrial Cleaning Descaling & Maintenance Problems

Specialist in the chemicals cleaning of boilers, cooling Tower, Heat Exchanger, Piping System, chill rolls and other types of Industrial Cleaning Jobs. Our mission is to be on the leading edge in the chemicals cleaning with a reputation for reliability, competitiveness and innovation.

Maxon has successfully completed major contracts in the following industries

Automotive: Closed circuit cooling, air compressors, heat exchangers, molding, part washers, extruders, electric welder guns.

Beverages: Bottle washers, rinse tanks, heat exchangers, Co2 generator, refrigeration, booster heaters

Chemicals: Condensers, exchangers, mixers, reactors, jacketed kettles, vacuum pumps, dryers, extruders

Food: Low temperature refrigeration & process equipment, cooling towers & evaporative condensers, heat exchangers

HVAC: Evaporative condensers, shell & tube condensers, centrifugal chillers, absorption units

Manufacturing: Closed circuit cooling, vacuum filters, vacuum furnaces, heat exchangers, part washers, chillers.

Marine: Exchangers, condensers, engine cooling systems, CRT systems, evaporators, distilling units, boilers, jet blast deflectors

Paper: Vacuume pumps, mill & calender rolls, liquor lines & tanks, closed circuit cooling evaporators, air compressors, condensers

Refineries: Condensers, heat exchangers, crackers, converters, compressors, pumps, piping

Power House: Air coolers, cooling towers, boilers oil storage tanks, heat exchangers

Rubber: Banbury mixers, extruders, tubers, mill & calender rolls, compressors

Steel & Metals: Compressors, exchanger, mill rolls, furnaces, smelters, cooling towers, motor coolers, cast hours cooling, minimum spangle

Utilities: Exchangers, condensers, compressors, closed circuit cooling, cooling towers.

Maxon always welcomes the opportunity to meet with prospective customers to discuss their chemical cleaning needs in detail and to help identify the areas where we can be of service. We strive to provide safe, cost-effective solution that meet or exceed the customer’s requirements.

Maxon’s descaling services provides the safest, most cost effective process to chemically remove scale, oil and other contaminants from heating and cooling systems. Our unique chemical cleaning process is the culmination. Descaling/cleaning is the only satisfactory method of restoring the heat transfer efficiency by complete removal of the deposits. Maxon-services have earned a reputation as an expert in solving waterside scale and corrosion problems. We use our own environmentally friendly chemicals when undertaking service contracts. All product are handled by our professional service personnel.

Our Crew is available 24 hours a day, 7 days of week (all over country)

We have a team of trained personnel comprising of chemical cleaning engineers, chemist, chemical cleaning specialists and skilled chemical cleaning technicians. We own the entire set of equipment necessary to carry out an effective chemical cleaning operation testing services. We are equipped fully with a house laboratory capable of carrying out complete water analysis, deposits & fouling analysis and also corrosion rate determination. Our field staff is outfitted with a mobile field laboratory to carry out complete on-site chemical cleaning analysis of product percentage, ferric / ferrous iron pick up and other relevant-parameters necessary for control of chemical cleaning.

As a standard practice all operating personnel compulsorily go through routine in-house safety training covering all aspects of chemical handling & other work hazards.

We provide all our operating personnel with mandatory safety gear that includes not only helmets, safety glasses, face shields, gloves, shoes, and safety slings but also dust masks & breathing apparatus as the need may be.

All Facility procedure used conforms to AWWA & ISO-9001 Standards.

Maxon line of descalers cleaners is an established and well-proven product line with outstanding performance. Innovative and unique products are constantly developed to meet the ever increasing needs of the industrial cleaning market. Products are developed with performance, process simplicity, worker safety and the environment in mind. Maxon has the products for almost every situation.

Cleaning Techniques

  • On line / off line cleaning
  • In-process cleaning
  • Circulating cleaning
  • Vibrating cleaning
  • Barrel cleaning
  • Hand cleaning
  • Foam cleaning
  • High pressure spray cleaning
  • Dip cleaning
  • On-site chemical/scale testing

Industrial Descaling/Cleaning Chemicals & Services

Product Selection

  • Alkaline, acidic synthetic products
  • High or low foam cleaning products
  • Variety of constituents to choose
  • Variety of water scale descalers
  • Emulsifiers or oil splitters
  • Wide degree of metal safety
  • Variety of solubles to be removed
  • Variety of oily scale cleaners
  • Acid inhibitor, rust, corrosion inhibitors
  • Neutralizer, passivators, pickling inhibitors.

Maxon provides full range of chemical cleaning services. These include pre-commission cleans, acidic de scaling and non-acidic clean descaling and non-acidic cleans of all water systems. We provide experienced operative to carry out pre-commission cleans of closed water systems. Our range of non-acidic cleaning chemicals ensures the system in left in a suitable condition for the addition of our inhibitors new pipework and industrial systems are protected. We also offer a wide range of services for existing system including descaling of boilers, heat-exchanger surfaces to improve system efficiency, descaling of cooling towers and evaporative condenser and also iron removal from badly corroded systems.

Metal Friendly Products:

i- Boilers, Cooling Towers Descaler.

ii- On Line and Off Line Cleaners.

iii- Oil and Water Tanks Cleaning Chemicals.

iv- Pipe Line Cleaning Chemicals.

v- Oily and Rusty Scale Cleaning Chemicals.

vi- Copper, Aluminium, Fiber etc Cleaners

vi- All Types Indusrial Cleaning Application.

vii- Complete Chemicals Cleaning Jobs